Who Am I?

Scott Kustes

Hi, I’m Scott Kustes. I celebrate food and life without health industry anxiety.

A quick background: I was one of the first Paleo bloggers and was cited as a nutrition expert in one of the bestselling Paleo books ever written. It wasn’t because I actually knew all that much; it was simply because I was evangelical about the same faulty pseudoscientific claims as the author.

More recently, I’m the author of the Kill Your Diet series, which looks at health industry ideas and how to leave them behind to live a healthier, happier, and less confused life.

My Approach

Like me, you’ve probably bought into a bunch of health industry myths and conspiracy theories about agriculture, medicine, and food. Now I focus on the pros, the cons, and the opportunities for improvement in food politics, the food system, and health around the world without the “sky is falling,” doom and gloom approach that is so common.

I bring a different perspective to health, having visited 48 states (only Delaware and Rhode Island to go) and 16 countries across 4 continents. These adventures have connected me to a coffee roaster in Alaska, a beef farmer in the Amazon, a rice farmer in Cambodia, and homesteaders in New Mexico, Texas, and Georgia. I’ve had the opportunity to meet real people living real lives completely unaware of this weird health culture that we know.

Through this lens, you begin to see how the majority of claims made by popular health gurus are excessively restrictive, incredibly reductionist, and almost entirely unnecessary.

Rest assured, most healthy people in the world don’t live in a constant state of anxiety and confusion about how what to eat.

I won’t tell you what to believe or what to eat. Instead, I’ll challenge you to find your hidden biases and to question your deeply held beliefs about health. We’ll talk about what’s worth worrying about and what’s just a distraction that keeps you from focusing on your hobbies, relationships, and actual problems in the world that could use our attention.

After years of beating my body to hell and back pursuing health supremacy with little to show for it except a burned out body and two shoulder surgeries, I’ve learned some simple truths that I’d like to share with you.

Maybe the most important is that the way to an effortlessly healthy lifestyle is through small habit changes. The way to sustainable results is from a long-term perspective focusing on little things that add up over time.

By taking a big picture view, you’ll be able to leave behind guilt-ridden extreme diets and military-style workouts. You’ll learn some basic tips to follow simple guidelines found in healthy cultures around the world.

These basic tenets are far different from the superfood versus diet villain mentality prevalent through the wellness culture, but yield results that last far longer than rigid and fear-based approaches to the modern world.

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